Dash . widget integration does not work

Dash . widget integration does not work. It works in browser locally. It works as an iframe even within Homarr but not as widget.
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Cakey Bot
Cakey Bot2w ago
Thank you for submitting a support request. Depending on the volume of requests, our team should get in contact with you shortly.
⚠️ Please include the following details in your post or we may reject your request without further comment: - Log (See https://homarr.dev/docs/community/faq#how-do-i-open-the-console--log) - Operating system (Unraid, TrueNAS, Ubuntu, ...) - Exact Homarr version (eg. 0.15.0, not latest) - Configuration (eg. docker-compose, screenshot or similar. Use ``your-text`` to format) - Other relevant information (eg. your devices, your browser, ...)
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NueeArdente2w ago
OS: Ubuntu server 22.04 Homarr version: Guessing 0.15.3 image latest
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Manicraft10012w ago
Hi, you posted the console, not the log. The reason why the widget isn't working is that Homarr can't access Dash. server side. Fix your networking so Homarr can access it