Half of my apps suddenly went missing

I was trying out categories in my default homescreen to check how would they look. I created 3 of them and then I realized I can't change it's width. So I decided to remove them.
Before removing the categories, I draged all apps from them so they wont get deleted with the categories. When I clicked save, half of my apps were missing. I can search them, even the config has the apps, but I am not seeing them in my default screen. Any suggestions?
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akro5d ago
I've done this too. Just run: sed -i s/category-id/default/g /path/to/default.json Replace /path/to/ with your path and it will reset all your categories.
There are no categories mentioned in the json. Categories key is empty and all my missing apps are mentioned in apps key
Manicraft10015d ago
Please post the JSON of one app that is not visible anymore
I was able to figure out the fix. From the json, It was simple as replacing all my different category ids to default.
Thanks for helping out !!