Approaches to build a public readonly application

I have to build a new feature for my application: readonly public access. So if user A has watched 2 movies, they can share a link with someone else and they will be able to see what 2 movies A has watched. They wont be able to perform authenticated actions ofc (leaving reviews etc). How would I go about building something like this?
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JulieCezar2d ago
I would suggest 1 out of 2 options: 1. URL params The link should be something like,id2 Then create a custom page (shared-movies) which will be able to use those params to get the movie data or w/e from the db and show it to the user. Or if you just need the movie names you might put just the names as params. 2. A similar approach, but instead of params you might have here you would need to store the movies which should be shared in the DB with a special ID, in a separate table. This should happen when the user clicks share. Then again, you will need to create a page that will read by that ID from the DB and display the data. ----------------------------- I would go with approach 1. if you do not need to store any data or don't want to. As approach 2 will potentially create a lot of data in the DB that people might access once and never again - or you could have a timeout set for how long it lasts. If you absolutely have to store it for w/e reason then go with 2.