Black chunks

is there a way of fixing this?
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Miki_P984d ago
Do you use Starlight or other similar mod? Supplementaries may also cause this
Piotr Barcz YT
Starlight works fine with Distant Horizons in my experience, I doubt it's that, however there are other mods that cause black chunks if they modify the rendering pipeline in a way Distant Horizons can't work with
Miki_P984d ago
Because of an oversight that James Seibel confirmed, Starlight causes black chunks in DH 2.1.2 It will be fixed in 2.1.3, but the performance will decrease back
Piotr Barcz YT
Oh strange ah well, Starlight is obsolete anyway
R3tr02d ago
no i don't use starlight
Jackjt82d ago
It's not just Starlight that can cause this issue.