Deck Creation Macro

I created a macro to fill out a 52-card deck, you set the ID of the deck and the base URL of the folder where your card images are stored, and then run it.

/* --------------- Settings --------------- */

let deckId = "nHMEqy7N7gna2X3w";
let baseUrl = "cards/dark-gold/";

/* --------------- Script --------------- */

let deck =;

let suits = ["Spades", "Clubs", "Hearts", "Diamonds"];
let names = ["Ace", "Two", "Three", "Four", "Five", "Six", "Seven", "Eight", "Nine", "Ten", "Jack", "Queen", "King"];

for (let suit of suits) {
    let value = 1;

    for (let name of names) {
        let cName = "";
        let sName = suit.toLowerCase();

        if (value > 1 && value < 11) cName = value.toString().padStart(2, "0");
        else cName = name.toLowerCase();

        let fileName = `${baseUrl}${sName}-${cName}.webp`;
        let cardName = `${name} of ${suit}`;

        console.log(value, cardName, fileName);

        await Card.create({
                name: cardName, suit: suit, type: "base", origin:, value,
                faces: [{
                    img: fileName,
                    name: cardName
            }, { parent: deck }


Note: You should set the background image and name of the deck before running this so that the card backs will be correct.
Pro Tip: Don't have the deck application open when you do this, and it will happen much faster.