@sdenec @lordzeel
Sheet Changes required:
- New Cog-menu for Ability Scores and Skills to support new config dialog
As far as I know that's all though
(haven't updated mine yet, will holler more when i get there)
I have a feeling this might cause me some headaches...
I expect you would be right!
I forsee more context menus in your future
UUUnknown User10/7/2021
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yeah, tidy's item changes are purely css :chef_kiss:
UUUnknown User10/9/2021
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Some changes I'm seeing:
Localized Currency labels were added at some point. available in the default getData labels.currencies:

        {{#each data.currency as |v k|}}
        <label class="denomination {{k}}">{{ lookup ../labels.currencies k }}</label>
        <input type="text" name="data.currency.{{k}}" value="{{v}}" data-dtype="Number"/>

Another label proficiency was added in that object too which handles displaying either the prof value or prof die value.
Proficiency can be displayed with this:
                    <span>{{ localize "DND5E.Proficiency" }} {{labels.proficiency}}</span>

Otherwise the only changes needed are in the addition of the config buttons for attributes and skills.

I've put these 1.5.0 specific things behind {{#if}}s with a systemFeatures object in my getData:

    sheetData.systemFeatures = {
      skillConfig: !foundry.utils.isNewerVersion('1.5.0', systemVersion),
      attributeConfig: !foundry.utils.isNewerVersion('1.5.0', systemVersion),
      profLabel: !foundry.utils.isNewerVersion('1.5.0', systemVersion),
      currencyLabel: !foundry.utils.isNewerVersion('1.5.0', systemVersion),

    <div>{{#if systemFeatures.profLabel}}
      {{numberFormat decimals=0

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