Give me some ideas for what areas of the foundry core API would benefit from a wiki documentation page. I'm looking for what would be most useful to do next. Currently we have sockets, settings, flags, and documents
Wiki section if you haven't seen it yet:
Foundry VTT Community Wiki
API Documentation
Hooks is good DIY Hooks, Hooking into hooks, call vs callAll, on vs once, init -> setup -> ready, use async for callbacks to not block the main thread. Link back to the document page for update cycle hooks
Rolls and Rolldata also maybe? (What gets included in Rolldata, async rolls, how to evaluate a "roll" expression that just has Rolldata and no dice terms in a synchronous way) Probably less important than the more general topics
Hmmm I've seen a fair number of dice api related questions so that's a good one too. I'll have to dig in to figure that one out lol Active Effects are on my list as well. I've been meaning to take a deep dive in how they operate.
UUUnknown User12/1/2021
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