effect mini modules

I've gotten to the point where I'm confident in releasing a slurry of tiny no-config Active Effect related modules.

Here's the rundown:
1. Item Effects to Chat 5e -> Built on top of More Hooks 5e, displays a chat card with all temporary effects attached to an item when rolled to the GM. The GM can then drag and drop those effects into tokens, or apply directly to targeted tokens from the card.

2. Drop effects on Items (system agnostic) -> Enables Drag and Drop functionality similar to Core's for ActorSheet but for ItemSheet as well. Useful for creating many similar item effects (e.g. applying a "Poisoned" condition to many different things)

3. Edit Owned Item Effects (system agnostic and janky af, probably not going to hit the package listing with this) -> Enables a user to add/edit/delete effects on Owned Items, does its "best" in a janky quick way to preserve the lifecycle methods.

A wee demo of them all working together (in addition to my other few combat related modules for flexing):

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