1.6.x mid-milestone update

@dnd5e - No Action Required Milestone 1.6.0 is 69% Complete (nice) https://gitlab.com/foundrynet/dnd5e/-/milestones/35#tab-issues There is a lot in this milestone and it's been a long time cooking. Take a close look at the issues marked breaking ⚠️ (I would provide a link but it doesn't appear to work). Included so far in this milestone: - Better support for custom Ability Scores defined in CONFIG - NPCs get the tempHP input on their sheet - AC calculation fixes involving equipped items ⚠️ - Support for custom "spell tags", which overhauls how these are handled in the data ⚠️ - Class items now have a field to customize their 'slug' as used in formulas ⚠️ And the big kahuna: Advancement @arbron has been doing a lot of amazing work on the advancement system that's going to allow certain Item types (at the time of this writing only class items, but more are in flight) to store data about how they should 'semipermanently' modify the parent actor as that actor levels up. The most obvious first use case here is replacing the old way class features are added with this new system which has full UI configuration support, allowing GMs to customize classes and create their own right from the get go. If you're at all interested in these things or able to help test things out, please clone down the 1.6.x branch and poke around.
The time is near I think i can't delay more working on the update for the HCT
I assume the answer is "no" but does this update switch dnd5e to the v10 data model?
I assume likewise, but maybe it was easy enough to squeeze in, gotta check the milestone I think not actually, there's a ticket mentioning how 1.6.0 will require v9 and to remove previous shims and etc, so I understand it will still be on the old data model
negative I wouldn't be surprised if Atro/Kim creates a branch which is on the v10 data model, but that's pure speculation on my part.
I'll probably still get in there to play around with the new advancement stuff
UUUnknown User3/29/2022
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We all dude, we all 😂
Anyone who makes actor sheets should ensure they work when ability scores are added or removed
Also spell component labels have changed in a breaking way, I'll ping some people when we're closer to release with deets (after I figure them out for my own sheet :P)

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