1.6.1 testing

@dnd5e Testing Action Requested but not required.

version 1.6.1 is a bugfix version, it's pretty close to complete at the moment and release is likely soon™. If you're the sort who likes being on the bleeding edge and testing that fixes are fixed, now's the time.

Milestone: https://gitlab.com/foundrynet/dnd5e/-/milestones/49#tab-issues
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:vote: @Calego (ElfFriend), killing it with the 5e updates.
LTLLLeo The League Lion5/3/2022
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my middle name is 'webhook' when translated into ancient elven
Did some quick testing and seems good and calm to me. Nothing groundbreaking in this batch, though it does un-break some legacy classfeatures overrides.
UUUnknown User5/4/2022
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for some reason "tiebreaker - tie broken" brought a smile to my face ahahah