Created by svennova on 6/21/2024 in #⚡|serverless
Faster-Whisper worker template is not fully up-to-date
Hi, We're using the Faster-Whisper worker ( on Serverless. I saw that Faster-Whisper itself is currently on version 1.0.2, whereas the Runpod template is still on 0.10.0. There are a few changes that have been introduced in Faster-Whisper (now using CUDA 12) since, that we would like to benefit from, especially the language_detection_threshold setting, since it seems like most of our transcriptions done by people with British accent are being transcribed into Welsh (with a language detection confidence of around 0.51 to 0.55) - which could be circumvented by increasing the threshold. Are there any plans for this? It's kind of a blocker for us at the moment.
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