Created by singhtanmay345 on 3/4/2024 in #⚡|serverless
IN-QUEUE Indefinitely
I am attempting to deploy a model from HF Spaces in runpod serverless - using the ByteDance/SDXL-Lightning Docker image. I started by selecting 'Run with Docker' for the ByteDance/SDXL-Lightning space on HF and copied the Docker image tag: Next, in RunPod, I set up a serverless template by entering the Docker image tag into the 'Container Image' field and inputting 'bash -c "python"' as the container start command. I allocated 50 GB of disk space to the container and finalized the template. Subsequently, I used this template to create an API endpoint in the 'Serverless' section. However, whenever I try to run the model, my requests remain indefinitely in the 'in-queue' state. Could you help identify what I might be doing wrong?
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