Created by Redeven on 6/24/2024 in #🆘┃support
Installation completes but GRUB doesn't show an entry to boot into the newly installed system
blendOS.iso downloaded from Master Build Server mirror (4636db55) on 2024-06-24 Loaded on a USB drive with sudo dd if="blendOS.iso" of="/dev/sda" bs=4M status=progress as per the installation guide ( Booted on a UEFI system. Ran the installer, target is NVMe drive /dev/nvme1n1. On first attempt, installation fails instantly as the drive has an existing partition and the installer is incapable (bug?) of simply wiping the selected drive on its own. Second attempt after wiping clean the drive with GParted and rebooting for good measure, the install wizard finishes seemingly successfully (although literally all repo mirror urls seem to have failed?) Rebooted and entered UEFI's Boot Menu Selected new boot entry. GRUB menu only shows the "UEFI Firmware Settings" option, nothing else. New /boot partition isn't empty (as opposed to some other tickets here), there's the /boot/grub folder with all the grub files, and in /boot/EFI there's blend/grubx64.efi and BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI. Running grub-mkconfig in chroot does nothing.
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