steve 🦉
steve 🦉
Created by steve 🦉 on 6/20/2024 in #help
Triggering a script using a synchronous webhook from another script within a self-hosted Docker
Hi all! Windmill and Docker semi-noob here, running into an issue for the last 2 hours I can't seem to figure out. I am trying to call a script from another script within the same docker container. I am able to get it to work async, but when I try to do it async, it seems to trigger the script, but it runs indefinitely and never returns anything. Nor can I see any logs of relevance. I'm using http://windmill_server:8000 as the base of the route, and feel like the issue is related to them both being on the same docker/network. If anyone has any insight on how to use syncronous webhooks to trigger scripts I'd be immensely appreciative. Thank you!
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