Created by Leon on 7/14/2024 in #help
Static context issues
As I understand it, once a task command is executed, its environment context cannot be changed. This means I can't set a global variable from a task, which introduces difficulties when running tasks that install software, update $PATH, or modify other environment variables. I'm not sure what the workaround could be at this point. However, my main point is that it would be very helpful to have a shared environment between tasks.
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Created by Leon on 7/10/2024 in #help
Path to Taskfile from environment variable
It would be great to have the option to set the path to the Taskfile using an environment variable. This would be particularly useful in scenarios where the Taskfile is not located in the default path (e.g., Taskfile.yaml), allowing us to avoid specifying the path each time.
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Created by Leon on 6/5/2024 in #help
Referencing parent tasks
Hi, how can I reference parent tasks from the included taskfile?
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