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CLI thinks it needs to rename on remote
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Generating tokens for apps?
I have three different "apps" that will be using the APIs I'm building in our WM instance, two web apps and one server app. I want each of them to use their own API token and for the WM Runs view to show which app triggered the run. But right now tokens are tied to users. If I want to do what I describe - is my only option to create a per-app "user" in WM and create the token in that user account?
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Staying in sync
I've read through the docs on git sync and wmill cli sync. I have wmill syncing working. When I make changes via the wmill UI, if I want them in my local copy of the workspace I run wmill sync pull. If I make changes to the local workspace, I run wmill sync push, approve the diff and the changes go back to the wmill workspace storage. If I look at the history of a changed file, I see the history of changes. Now I want this workspace to also be synced to a git repo and I have some questions: If I add git sync to the workspace, do I also need to clone the repo to work locally or do I just use wmill cli for local work and push changes back to the workspace? For git sync, what if changes happen to the repo outside of wmill, how do I get wmill to pull the latest code from the repo? Is the git sync more tied to deploys instead of draft saves? In other words, saving drafts keeps history of those changes between saves, deploying pushes to the git repo, tracking history between deploys? Thanks for the help, -Chris
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Bun installer appears to fail during script launch.
I just finished setting up a self-host install of WM. I can run a deno typescript test without problems, but if I run a bun test, the mem just keeps building then eventually I see this: ExecutionErr: error during execution of the script: process terminated by signal: Some( 9, ), stopped_signal: None, core_dumped: false Any tips on what to do to investigate? Thanks, -Chris
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Migrating content to another Windmill instance
I have a corp client that is taking forever to make a decision on how they're going to license Windmill. In the meantime, I've been building their integrations using a free cloud instance. I'm curious, is there a documented process for migrating all content from one Windmill instance to another if that becomes a necessity?
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