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will I be forced into prohibitively expensive paid plans later on?
Have been using Pipedream for a few years. Saw your mention of Pipedream in your compare pages, and it looks encouraging. But I'm a small business owner who likes to fiddle with stuff in my spare time to make running my business easier. A couple of years ago I put a lot of effort into setting up workflows in Pipedream, only last year they changed all their plans and arbitrarily made certain (what you call) Resources (they call them Accounts) part of premium plans only. Which means the workflows ("Flows" in windmill) suddenly locked me out of any editing. They continue to work, but as my business changes (like all businesses do) I found I could not edit the workflows anymore to update them. This is pretty annoying - letting me put all that effort in only to try to force me onto a higher paid plan because I have so-called "premium" resources involved. And I know that at their end, the effort required to make a call to Gsheets is exactly the same as making one to Mailchimp or Xero or Airtable or Woocommerce or Stripe or AWS SES. All of which I use. They are just API calls and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when they try to convince me that I should suddenly pay more for some of them but not others. To be clear, I am not looking to get "perpetually free" service. Windmill looks really cool and as long as I am aware up front of what the costs will be, I'm happy to start putting in the work. I just don't like to be told one thing then forced into a different direction later on. I would be happy to pay for things like "increased speed" or for services that can outright replace some of the tools I currently pay for (i.e. redirect the payments from that service to you), but not for arbitrarily restricted functionality. I also use Bubble.io. And it sort of looks like Windmill could replace that entirely, if I built my "employee-roster" web app again from the ground up. Potentially Airtable as well, though that would be much harder. Thanks for your understanding
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