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Quickstart server not rendering any components

Hi all, apologies if this is a very basic question. I am running through the quickstart for solara on the website:; however, I'm running into an issue where once I run the example file and go to http://localhost:8765/ on my local computer, there seems to be nothing rendered as it is just a blank page. Looking at the browser logs it seems that the server is returning a 404 response as seen in the sreenshot attached. Pinging the server at curl http://localhost:8765/readyz results in a 200 OK response. Furthermore, running solara with logs such as solara run --log-level debug does not seem to yield any particular useful information. I am running with the following versions: solara-1.27.0 ipyvuetify-1.8.10 ipywidgets-8.0.4 Python 3.8.18...
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Subscribing to reactive variable changes

I see there are subscribe and subscribe_change methods on Reactive, but I don't see how best to use them and what is the difference between them? If I wanted to e.g. trigger validation on value input, what should I use?

How to edit/remove loading page effect?

How to edit/remove this loading page effect?
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Help: Auth Redirect to a new page

I'd like for my application to start on the auth0 login url rather than a solara page if the user is not authenticated. The example for solara auth involves a Button redirect to the login_url ```python @solara.component...

Help: Drawing a rectangle on an ipyleaflet map

Trying to create an ipyleaflet component but the state and view management is a bit over my head. Does anyone have experience in creating a component that updates a "bounding_boxes" reactive element?

Using use_effect

Hi, I'm wondering if .use_effect is expected for ipyvuetify widgets in a jupyter notebook? Its registering the event but the widget just disappears when it occurs.

Need help with ipyleaflet

Hello, I am trying to design a map in ipyleaflet and need some help. I am currently working on the compass, to help people in finding the correct azimuth (orientation) of their solar arrays (inspired by: This is what I currently have:

Embedding 3rd party UI Library

Is there a way to embedd a 3rd party UI Library like boostrap? Where to place a tag like the following: ``` <script src="" integrity="sha384-C6RzsynM9kWDrMNeT87bh95OGNyZPhcTNXj1NW7RuBCsyN/o0jlpcV8Qyq46cDfL" crossorigin="anonymous"></script...
JSJochem Smit2/6/2024

Altair expand width to available horizontal space

I'm trying to get my altair chart to expand to the available width. ```python data = pd.DataFrame({"x": range(10), "y": [i**2 for i in range(10)]}) chart = alt.Chart(data).mark_line().encode(x="x:Q", y="y:Q")...

Ipyleaflet Numbered Markers

Hello, does anyone know of an easy way to add numbered markers? e.g. a JS example with leaflet
JMJan-Hendrik Müller1/30/2024

Is there a way to embed an IPython console into a solara app?

What I have in mind is a solara app that has an interactive IPython shell, similar to this page: Is that already possible?...
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How to embed swagger API documentation into a solara page?

I have an API running on the same host as the solara application. I would like to embed the swagger documentation in solara, is this possible?

What is ipyleaflet.Map.element() ?

Hi, I hope this is not a silly question, but in the two Solara examples using ipyleaflet, it is called with ipyleaflet.Map.element(...), for example: ```python ipyleaflet.Map.element( # type: ignore...

Is there a way to create a slideshow of images that respond to left and right arrows?

It would be great to be able to iterate through a list of images using left and right arrows. Matplotlib interactive features only allow you to use the arrows for view history of a single figure. Back and Forward ipywidgets work but its bit inconvient. What would be ideal is using keyboard shortcuts.

OpenStreetMap compass?

Would it be possible to make something like this in Solara? Any pointers on where to start? It's from this website: The website will tell you how many degrees the compass is clockwise from north...
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Setting favicon in browser?

I am having trouble setting a custom favicon to display in the browser. Following the tutorial on asset files (, I have a directory called assets in my app repository which contains the icon favicon.png. It also has a custom.css file, which doesn't seem to be loading, either. My assumption is when running Solara server, these files would be automatically noticed and override defaults, but maybe I'm misunderstanding something. Any suggestions? Thanks!...

AWS Cognito Auth?

My team uses this. Doesn't work by default with solara auth. Despite cognitos support for oauth2 and OIDC/etc. Can this be a configuration issue with cognito? Or is there something that Im overlooking.

solara ssg issue

When I run the command, it says it is missing module "your" and module "your.awesome". Those values appear to be coming from the command line. The docs say that that value should be the app name.

Communicate with app from a different file

Hello, What would be the best way to call my solara app from another? I need be able lto launch or connect to update the webapp from another library, hence need to be able to launch and call it in a modular manner....


Can solara store state in browser cookies?
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