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The timer thread is an infinte loop That

The timer thread is an infinte loop. That's the only loop I know of. And the timer isn't a problem when only using one second ticks to update the Markdown displayed time. The fifteen minute ticks cause no problem until they are used to trigger the component update. I don't touch the render function. I can show you more of the code @MaartenBreddels. Should I paste it here?

I m trying to run Solara as Embedding in

I'm trying to run Solara as "Embedding in an existing Starlette application" and when I go to /solara I get "too many redirects. Any hints?

Aren't all these the responsibility of the browser to fetch stuff from the CDN?

Good afternoon! Can Solara run on a read-only file system? I tried running it on AWS Lambda and it crashed here:

what did you use for that

what did you use for that?

btw working with Layout and routes was a

btw, working with Layout and routes was a pain in my case. One problem was it didn't use the Layout from the __init__ file. I ended up writing autorouting.DefaultLayout = MyLayout and that worked

Question regarding the `component vue` I

Question regarding the component_vue - I'm trying to create a Box component that will auto scroll to the bottom when children change, but so far I haven't managed to render children in it. I was expecting them to appear in the <slot> of the vue component, but nothing shows up there

Hi I’ve been trying to add background

Hi. I’ve been trying to add background image to my page. I created a script which contain a tag that has background-image specified. I then add the CSS variable in solara.Style. However, the background-image just doesn’t load. All the rest of the CSS I defined in the script works except for the background image. Wonder if anyone has any idea on this. Thanks!

Another question I m trying to attach

Another question, I'm trying to attach keydown listener to TextArea (so that I can submit when "Enter" but allow Shift+Enter to do the default multi-line handling) According to ipyvuetify docs ( I should be able to do: ``` text_area = rv.TextArea(...) text_area.on_event('keydown', handler)...

I m using IntelliJ

I'm using IntelliJ


``` from typing import List, cast import plotly ...

No error populates to python itself but

No error populates to python itself, but I get a bunch in console. I ran into a similar issue when testing out bokeh as a solution and it ended up just being the incline resource solution I sent before

Deploy beta testers

Pretty quiet this week on core solara this week, but @mariobuikhuizen and I have been working on a way to deploy solara apps , let me know if you want to be an early beta tester! ( reply in thread, we’ll limit it to a few people)
YRYordan Radev6/5/2023

https panel holoviz org gallery glaciers I want to open files into Xarray datasets, rasterize and visualize them directly on top of a HPC file system. Interactive maps, cross selection dynamically defined and instanciated widgets all for geospatial data....


Hello, Do you know if it's possible to enable https with solara ? 🙂...

It works fine with JupyterLab but Solara

It works fine with JupyterLab, but Solara throws a lot of no such comm errors. See the screenshot. Not sure if it is Solara has some kind of 'garbage collection ' capability. If a widget is not being used for some time, it is destroyed?
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JMJan-Hendrik Müller5/18/2023

I m up for a screen recording session

I'm up for a screen recording session! Do you have a cloud where I can upload the recording? With the system build in screen recorder, a 30 minutes video will result in an approx. 6 GB video file....