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Laravel Cashier (Stripe) payments with form validation, database record and a success message

Hey @tuto1902 I was following your YouTube livestream about the cool way of using Laravel Cashier with Stripe and I got all bits and pieces working, however there were a few small issues in the final result. I left a few comments on the video but I've seen it has been inactive for some time so I figured out to ask here (no blame at all, just a question 😉 ) So in the videos you've covered a simple scenario of having some premium subscription plans and a lifetime payment. Since the plans were recurring, Stripe responds correctly and returns the proper actions after payment....

New to Laravel

I'm new to the Laravel Ecosystem and also attempting to move to full time Linux. Are there any solid tutorials/articles on getting Laravel up and running on Ubuntu that doesn't use Docker?

Laravel notifications approach for live messasges

Hello all. I am working on a Laravel Blade project where I need to implement a live messaging system using Munafio's cool plugin Chatify. Everything works, I am able to connect Chatify to Pusher back and forth, receiving events etc. So my question is more of the best approach rather than how specifically to achieve it....

Error in running npm install in wsl2

i am trying to run npm install with node v20.11.0, and npm v10.4.0 on a laravel 10 installation running vite.
Just delete your node_modules and run it again
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Nova vs Filament Admin Panels

Hello guys. Maybe a rookie question in terms of Admin panels, but does anyone of you see any benefits of using Nova vs Filament or vice versus excluding the price terms, which is clear for me? What I am asking myself is should I spend some dime to invest in Nova or I should stick to the good old so far so good Admin panel which thanks to @tuto1902 and the great community I've learned and extended to cover all my project needs so far....

Filepond image gallery issue

Hello everyone. I am baddly suffering of puling my hairs while fioghting with Filepond to allow a simple user gallery to allow: 1. Image adding 2. Image re-ordering 3. Pre-existing images showing in the gallery 4. Update of any image from the gallery and post back to DB and file storage...

Implementing a Notification System in a Laravel ERP API for Real-time User Updates

Hello guys I have a question regarding notifications in a Laravel API. I have a Laravel ERP API that's used by various front-ends, and I'm interested in implementing a notification system for actions like product deletion or order approval. Do you have any recommendations for packages or methods that could help me achieve this? Thank you for your assistance....
I would recommend checking out the Broadcasting section of the laravel docs. You can configure your events to send broadcasting signals to various services like Pusher or Ably. There's also support for non-commercial solutions like Laravel WebSockets or Soketi https://laravel.com/docs/10.x/broadcasting https://docs.soketi.app/ https://beyondco.de/docs/laravel-websockets/getting-started/introduction...


public function index(Request $request) { $search_query = $request->get('search'); $nebulizations = Nebulization::query();...

my routes protected by auth middleware don't redirect to login page

I get this error every time I visit a route protected by auth middleware when am not authenticated and started session Illuminate\Session\Middleware\StartSession::addCookieToResponse(): Argument #1 ($response) must be of type Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response, null given, called in /home/u684103588/domains/chccug.com/public_html/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Session/Middleware/StartSession.php on line 125 ...
Deleted all the default files and installed fresh installation of Laravel 10, added all the custom codes run composer install and every started working perfectly fine

Illuminate/Support not loaded while trying to install nunomaduro/larastan

Hello there friends. As part of following the Pet Clinic project and learn the filament admin inside out I decided to start fresh (I've joined later than the first class the livestream) so I've just created a new petclinic.lar project locally and it is all set, but when I attempt to follow up with the video and install larastan, I got a weird error using the composer command: composer require nunomaduro/larastan:^2.0 --dev: ```...
Here is the final result, seems like the .neon file got accepted perfectly and tests passed with flying colors:

Fetch data from API and fill form

is there anyway to achieve this in filament? a form with a text input, and a fetch button. enter user's social security number, and fetch all other data and fill the form automatically.
You can use a suffix action on the text input. Here, you can inject the $state and the $set variables. The latter allows you to set the state values of other fields in your form. I hope this helps ```php return $form ->schema([ Forms\Components\TextInput::make('social_security_number')...