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Character concept: BLADE

Sex: Male Type: Initiator C: Demon's pulse: While on top of an enemy's corpse, EQUIP a pulse of pure hell. FIRE to send a wave forward in a short distance, detaining and decaying all enemies caught in its path for a very short duration. Cost: 500 credits...

Skin idea

Camper’s Dream ⛺️ 🔥
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clove frr

:Clove_Heart: ❤️
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Iso Genderbent

@chinnatsuart on
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Neon goldfish

Not my usual style
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Viper 🥵

Bro was genuinely cooking with this art Artist name: vile find it on twitter (X)...
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Clove fanart by Cody

:Clove_Rave: 🦋
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Valorant Map Concept

Hi im a 3d Artist me and a friend are currently starting a project for this summer of creating a Valorant Map from 0 on Unreal Engine. Here is my Level design of the map Called "Sandstorm" based on Gizeh in Egypt If i can have any feed back that can be nice 🙂 ! ...
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Top Valorant Girls Tier List

feel free to drop yours too
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VALORANT Aurelian Divinities: The Mythos of The Primordial Pantheons

In the ancient times, there existed four powerful deities known as the Orders of the Universe, each tasked with the divine duty of overseeing and protecting their respective territories. The Water Guardian, Leviathan, commanded the ebb and flow of the oceans and rivers. The Earth Guardian, Verdant, was the steward of the lush forests and majestic mountains. The Space Guardian, Solarius, tended to the boundless expanse of stars and galaxies, while the Sky Guardian, known as Aether, ruled over the ever-changing skies.

Tell Em - Valorant [ Edit ]

Edited In Mobile ( Alight Motion ) Link To Channel If U Wanna Support:

riot buddy pwease haha 🦈

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Riot buddy pwease bwahah

Clove 👍🏻🔥 :logo_RiotGames:

VALORANT 'Yeah!' React Images (Count: 10)

because of the whole hidden twitter likes thing going on. idk if I'll do more but I wanna so lmk who you'd like to see!
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