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Launch error

Guys anyone know how to fix this ? i just got this message each time i try to launch the game i try to repair but it just said the game is up to date...
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how to bypass MMR system

This smurf account seems able to by pass MMR system and keep elo boosting his client without getting replaced in the right elo mvp only career ...
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not a bug but

menu bar?
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Fᴬᴸᴼᴺᴱ fℓαʂhツ4/12/2024

turn on secure boot

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is that app can banned me i didnt try it but i see many players use it
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Cannot verify my phone number to my account

I'm trying to verify using my phone number and the number works but when I try to enter the code, it says "Your account is already verified" which i find to be funny because I have never verified with any phone number.

Lf help

I need some help to improve. I have clips and can call on discord. I’m just looking for someone that is good to review them and lmk what I can do to improve

guys im randomly getting disconnected from game

am i the only one that gets disconnected randomly mostly at the end or middle of the game ?


any way to get free 30 vp cuz i want to buy a skin for 1030 and dont want to spend anther 5 euro for 475

Banned for Using Third Party Softwares even though I did not

A couple days ago I was playing Valorant and I suddenly got perma banned + hardware banned for using "unathorized third party softwares". I swear I never used any cheats at all and ive spent a lot of money on my account. The only third party program I have on my computer is valorant tracker, but nothing else. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know of a solution?

error van9003, enable secure boot

with windows 10 it worked perfectly and it doesnt work with windows 11 now... and i tried tutorials of how to turn it on and nothing works, it does let me use valorant for a good 3 minutes when i go to bios then exit, but then it crushes again. please help me...
Restore factory keys
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huge fps drop when opening buy menu or opening setings

this just started hapening
𝓚𝓪𝓽𝔁𝓸 ☆4/12/2024

unable to play game

just freezes on load up screen ive tried everything under the sun to try to get it to work idk what to do send help
@𝓚𝓪𝓽𝔁𝓸 ☆
KMking morales4/12/2024

Game bugging

guys i need help why does my game lag even tho i have ping ranges 8-15 and my fps is capped at 180 and my character still lags back?

VP issue

i purchased VP from upi as of now im in india, i contacted through ticket also but i didn't got satisfied answers , i have done payment from my side i sent transaction id to support mod but still he is telling me to wait ? what shall i do what more proof does it want to confirm my payment ? means when im proving him transaction id and my details where i sent money from lol why cant support find this ez issue ?

i need someone who is professional to handel my server like adding bots and stuff dm me if possible

hey guys i made a server i need someone professional to handel my server

valorant freezing on launch

every time i open up valorant it will freeze and i can't see anything expect the frame i opened up on to. i can open the shop and hear sound sand stuff but i can't see anything other then either a black screen the load up screen of the home screen. this is a new laptop so i haven't been able to play it at all on this laptop yet and it's got good enough specs to run the game very well so i'm not to sure what to do. i have tried to uninstall the game and download it again but it didn't work and al...