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๐Ÿš— RSM / Rockstar Mischief

The largest and most popular freeroam experience on FiveM! Chill, Drift and PvP with up to 1500 other players, lag-free!

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everytime i try to load the server up it loads but before i can get to even see my ped (character) it just crashes or the lobby menu

hello , can anyone help me with loading screen?

my game / loading stuck at Preloading collisions (21%) , and it wont go , i have a gaming pc , and i even tested with my brother laptop but it didnt seems to work too , please help me :<

Stuck on lobby screen

I'm not sure how to get passed this screen.
coolio, the changes I made fixed it then
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handling problem on my supra

When i drive in the city at low speed, the car always drifts and that's hard to control. But when i speed up to 160 - 200mph, the handling is becoming good
Can sumbody help me ?

My edit preset:
Fmass 2000
Fintialdriveforce 1.5
Fclutchchangerateupshift 20
Steeringlock 40

Failed to connect 3 times

Hi All,

Recently I have been trying to connect to the server but am unable to. It attempts to connect 3x times in the span of 2-3 minutes and then says failed to connect; no error code what-so-ever.

Unsure if this is a known as I have reviewed the rest of the support requests and have found other issues relating to connection BUT having an error code.
if you go to you can download the WARP client, its a free VPN provided by Cloudflare
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Error code 56

I have a problem Error conection CURL error code 56

How to play with friends

How can i play with my friends

i have done the downloading content manifest stuff 3 times but wont let me join any reason why

i have done the downloading content manifest stuff 3 times but wont let me join any reason why

How to get a police car

i dont know how to find a dodge charger

I canโ€™t join the serv

Iยดm new in the serv

Bad name

my name Swiper and is not bad name fix pls

Is there a way to hide the speedometer

I need a way to hide the speedometer because I like to drive around and chill on the servers. I have a realistic graphics pack on which makes my game kind of lag and the speedometer says Iโ€™m doing 80 when Iโ€™m idle so I wanna hide it. Anyone know a way?

Steering wheel problems.

Every time i use my G29 i have problems with the top speed of the car or the drifting phisycs.
Cant shift into 6th gear and reverse too

Blurry map

When i been play for about 10-15 minutes the whole map gets blurry, i have extended texture budget at max

CURL error code 56

game doesn't let me connect and i get this error code

Binding emotes to number pad?

What's the command to bind emotes to number pad, I did it long ago but I've forgotten.

Cars wont load and i cant see players?

ive reinstalled and etc but nothing works, cars just wont spawn for me even the gta v ones any insight would be great.