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black screen crash

Changed my res, and changed it back but now fullscreen isnt working, when i alt enter it works or if i change my settings back to fullscreen in graphic settings, but seems when i do something like take a tp circle to change floors in a building the transition makes screen go black then crash. (i use reshade)

passive mode

how can i close passive mode

How to use steering wheel?

There is any way to use steering wheel?

voice Chat

my VC setting are the same as they always have been, and today I got on and I cannot hear anyone talking, nor is it showing that my voice is being picked up.

missing cars

i cant seem to find non gta cars now? i have not logged in to rsm in ages ( like 4 months maby? )

crash issue past 2 days

Does anyone know how to fix this? These past 2 days I couldn’t play at all because of this crash
No description

how to become invulnerable?

I am driving for my fun, as for a not-that-good driver I keep crashing and getting hit, how do I stop that (improving my driving skills is not a solution for me at the momentπŸ™‚ )?

Error connecting

I've never had this issue before but for some reason now its telling me my name is already being used by another player even though I always had this name while playing
No description

Can't connect, slow download speeds. 1 hour for resources to get "failed to connect"

No error message, just a "Failed to connect" have tried to connect to server about 5-10 times. Steps taken: Cleared Cache Cleared Server-Cache Cleared Server-Cache-Priv...


Failed to get info from server (tried 3 times). If you are the server owner, are you sure you are allowing UDP packets to and from the server? I've been trying to log in for weeks, I tried VPN and it didn't work....
No description


i keep getting the same game crash
No description

Voice chat/Vehicles falling through the map

This has been going on for about a week or so any idea if they are patching it atm or whats going on

FiveM issue fix? Cant use rockstar editor properly

i cant open a clip more than once, any reason? or fix?
No description

why do i keep getting this

my game loads fine, i don't know why it keeps installing stuff

Why does my game look like this

It is so bright and i have check all my settings in game and on reshade idk what to do

Connection failed after 3 attempts

When I join it says "If you are the server owner, are you sure you are allowing UDP packets to and from the server?"


What happend to the dodge cars and other real cars, havent played in a year or so, and i came to play today and there gone! What happend to them?