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The Iris Project

This server is all about the development and community around Iris Shaders!


Underwater game-breaking bug when enabling shaders.

Whenever I'm enabling ANY shader at all while using Iris with Sodium and Indium my underwater view is completely broken.

Iris crashes (java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot read field)

I'm trying to make a VR modpack for immersive Minecraft (1.20.1) experience, and everything was going great until I tried adding shaders. I got Iris set up, found no incompatible mods (some use Fabric Render API, but I got Indigo in order to work around that), and as I tried joining a world, my game crashed, and does so with each and every attempt of joining a game. No shader has to be selected - just the mere presence of Iris in the mods folder makes it impossible for me to create or join a wor...

Game Breaking rendering issue

I'm having an issue where some shaders are completely broken, and others are working normally, i have a friend who has the same issue, and some of the same shaders are broken, while others only work for me, it's the same issue for all the shaders that don't work, even the ones that only work for me I'm on Bazzite linux, i have just updated my system to the latest version, although the issue had been happening previously, for at least a couple months. We are both using Prism Launcher, I have tested this with only Iris, Sodium, and FabricAPI, and i still had the issue. I have tested 1.19.2 Forge, and 1.21 Fabric, both versions have the issue. Of the shaders i have tested, it is broken on AstraLex, BSL, and Insanity. it is working on Rethinking Voxels, MakeUP UltraFast, Solas, superDuperVanilla, and Complimentary Reimagined. For Complimentary Reimagined, on the same version of the shaders, with the same modpack installed, and no changes to shader settings, it only works for me, and is broken for my friend....
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Crashing when shaders are turned on

Hello. I'm having this issue where my game crashes a few seconds after turning on a shader pack. I have tried multiple different packs and its the same thing. I think I have narrowed it down to iris not liking the Nautilus 3D resource pack. Was wondering if anyone else has this issue or might know a fix? it doesnt produce a crash report but here's the log

not working

i installed iris but when i get into tlauncher and try to put the version im supposed to its not there so i cant use shaders thanks for the help ping me when you respond thank you...

Iris crashes with sodium

I'm running sodium 0.5.11, iris 1.7.2, indium 1.0.34 and DH 2.1.2-a all on fabric 1.20.1. For some reason this setup makes the game crash when booting it up. When removing Iris, the game loads properly. I've linked the logs:

no shaderpacks options

I've installed iris and distant horizon with fabric, but when I open the game I only have those options in the video settings. I also don't have the distant horizon button.
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Enchanted items have no texture in every menu except while playing

iris 1.7.2 using the prominence 2 rpg modpack enchanted items look like this when using the inventory or pausing the game, seems to only happen with shaders enabled any help appreciated...
actually all gets fixed without changing any settings if you don't use the trial cape
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DH making minecraft crash with sodium 0.6

I have the latest stable version of dh for 1.21 and sodium 0.6 fabric, and whenever i open the game this happens
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Sodium is BROKEN!

yeah my Sodium which is the one that supports Iris is broken because of this peice of crap right in front of my screen🤬
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Distant horzions not showing full "chunks"

idk whats going on but I tested out with the new forge iris and distant works its just doesnt load the full amount
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Instant crash

Potential compatibility issue?
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wobbling clouds

with the bliss-DH shader I found this bug, where the clouds are extremely wobbling. I tried literally everything in the settings, but it won't go away.

java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: modelPos

Loading into a world with shaders on, or enabling the shaders. The shaders worked before, i allocated 20GB of ram but decreased it to 10, then upped it to 17 and still crashes....

Weird 3D shader glitch

The shaders worked completely fine for 1.20.6, for 1.21 I updated Sodium and Iris to 1.21, and put shaders to 1.21 aswell, but this happens...
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End issue

I have updated the drivers on my pc twice and ensured that all related mods are updated as well. i removed every other mod i have installed and tried it that way, as well as with my usual setup. nothing appears to work, the End dimension just has vanilla graphics every time, and after i leave the end i have to reload the shaders because it bugs out the other dimensions skyboxes. i am running Complementary Unbound for the shaders, on low settings to compensate for my lack of a graphics card, and...

Shaders Sky bug

so all of my shaders either make the sky all glitchy or does this weird line thing. I've uninstalled minecraft and installed it back and it keeps happening. I think it's a problem with my sky not rendering the shader's one. Can someone help me with this because i didnt see anything on the internet about this ?
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Distant horizon update crashing Minecraft

To be honest idk if this is the right place to ask. but whenever I launch the most recent version of Distant horizon, for some reason it tells me that "distant horizon will update after I reset the game". After i reset, the game runs fine up until i load into a world which then it repeatedly crashes, I check the mod folder and it goes from "DistantHorizons-2.1.2-a-1.21-neo-fabric" to DistantHorizons-2.1.2-a-[RandomNumbersAndLetters] I am only able to play with distant Horizon again once i install Distant Horizons again. however the problem resumes after I close 1 Instance of minecraft. any information on how to fix this will be greatly appreciated. My only concerns is why is it updating when i am downloading the most recent version of Distant Horizon? and how can I fix it?...