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The Iris Project

This server is all about the development and community around Iris Shaders!


Forge Crash on BMC

BMC4 comes with Oculus installed. I tried both latest 2 versions of Dark Horizons on Forge.
Iris does not support Forge. Please contact the Better Minecraft or Oculus developers.

artifacting with dynamic lighting

hi im using complementary reimagined on iris and any time a pull out a torch or any kind of dynamic light little red or yellow square pop up on the ground or block that are lit up by the light source
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iris not loading properly

deferred.fsh: deferred.fsh: 0(345) : error C7537: OpenGL does not allow 'sample' after a type specifier 0(345) : error C0000: syntax error, unexpected '=', expecting ';' or '(' at token "=" 0(346) : error C0000: syntax error, unexpected "=", expecting "::" at token "=" 0(347) : error C0000: syntax error, unexpected ',', expecting "::" at token "," 0(348) : error C0000: syntax error, unexpected '-', expecting "::" at token "-"...

Sodium and therefore Iris incompatible with PhysicsMod Pro NeoForge 1.21

Game crashes with both physics mod pro and sodium installed on NeoForge 1.21. Will luanch without problem if I remove either mod from installation.

Iris shaders will not load at all.

I have tried multiple shaders, updated, reinstalled both shaders, fabric, and Iris but I still get the same issue. This is the code I get from the error. net.minecraft.class2973: Invalid shaders/core/basic.json: Non [a-z0-9/.-] character in path of location: minecraft:basic_tessControl.tcs...
After much trial and error I have discovered that this issue is due to a mod (specifically the Caligo mod). So, if anyone else gets an error like this, I would double check the mods you have installed.
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sodium renderer-unsupported driver issue

this error pops up every time i go to launch mc with sodium. yes i have updated drivers to the latest version and tried a few other work arounds that ive seen like adding jvm arguments to the launcher and trying to launch through programs modrinth etc. nothing seems to change the error. anything else im not aware of or doing wrong?
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Low fps on AMD gpu

I'm using a 5600XT and this is vanilla with some performance mods added Still I cannot figure out why my gpu is 99% utilized but the fps remain so low...
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Bookshelf rendering issue with Continuity

Whenever I load into a world, the texture of bookshelves breaks and looks kind of like a chest (see picture). Reloading textures (f3+t) fixes it, but it's annoying to have to do it every time I load into a world. This doesn't happen when iris is disabled or shaders are turned off (or when continuity is disabled). Does anybody know why this happens/how to fix?
well I have found the culprit - Remove Reloading Screen
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Im having issues with my Complimentary Shaders(and others).

When I go underwater it goes completely foggy and I cant see the blocks I;m standing on. Other shaders wont allow me to even see my own characters hand or the sun like in these photos. I'm not using any Texture packs, but I am using Mods.
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Issue with forge

I've had an issue where I download the version for my modpack and it just doesn't work. It will say that it's incompatible with my version. I play on 1.19.2 and downloaded the 1.19.2 variant. How do I fix this?

Crash when importing settings

Sometimes minecraft crashes when I import settings. It doesn't have consistent reproduction steps from what I can tell it just happens randomly.

"Loading Terrain..." screen taking a long time to finish

im on fabric + iris, 1.21 say you're in hypixel and you go to the classic duels, the "Loading Terrain" screen pops up, and after a while, it finishes and it loads you into the duel. but your opponent has already killed you!!!!!!!!!!! i deleted and re-installed iris + fabric, i got the latest versions of all the mods i use the issue isnt my other mods, its iris because i removed all the mods from the mods folder except iris and the issue still happened (i then removed iris and the loading terrain was faster) before switching from optifine to sodium, i never had this problem...

Weird Shadow

Hello. I am trying to use the "shaderless shaders" or the "integrated optifine shaders" on iris, yk that one that make everything look flat, and the entities' shadows look buggy. instead of appearing just one circle below, it appears multiple, as you can see in the image....
ok so i just took out every texture pack i had and then put them all back again and that fixed it
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Emotecraft Incompatibility - No body bend - Iris issue

Game version: 1.20.1 Fabric version: 5.11 Sodium version: 0.5.11 Iris version: 1.7.2 Emotecraft version: 2.2.7...
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`frameTimeCounter` in the end seems slightly broken

I have made an end portal effect, and to make it move I have used frameTimeCounter, however when I press f1, the effect goes slower, and when I open chat/inventory, the effect speeds up. Also to make things even more confusing, this only happens in the end, in the overworld the speed always stays the same...

Hulp my minecraft is broken

Tried Distant Horizons with some of the compatible shader packs but I always get strange results like this. Any advice?
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Not available for Fabric 0.14.21 (Minecraft 1.20.1) ?

Is there a way to make Iris Shader work for Minecraft 1.20.1 for Fabric loader 0.14.21 ? It crashes instantly, and there is no visible error code. (I am making a modpack on Modrinth, and thought it was an incompability issue, but removing every other mod/ just keepking fabric API and Sodium doesn't seem to work) Thank you in advance for your help...

world not load when i used embidum and iris neoforge 1.21.0

world not load when i used embidum and iris neoforge
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