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This forum channel is for EVERYTHING. Want to share something useful, funny, interesting, off-topic, or anything else. This is the place for it! But to get actual help with anything - please post over the #💬│support channel....

"Online" means actively using the app?

Hi, everyone! Does anyone know if being "online" means actively using the app? if I were to set up a push for someone who's not been online for 3 days, means they have not use my app for 3 days?

Where to report a broken Novu Cloud API?

Looking at the support channel seeing little action, where should I report a broken API endpoint?

Are there any plans for Echo in Novu cloud?

In order to have my workflows defined in code and version control, I should use Echo. If I understand the documentation correctly, I need my own runtime to use Echo and can not rely only on your cloud offering, is this correct? If so, are there any plans on providing this runtime in the Novu cloud?...

Novu Deployment on EKS

Hi everyone, I'm new on Novu Community, I want to setup Novu in kubernetes environment using AWS EKS, I couldn't find any official Novu documentation about Novu Deployment on k8s, further I see on Novu site that we can't deploy novu web container on k8. is there anyone who have deployed Novu on k8 and running more than one pods of api, worker and ws services of Novu?

Publishing on SQS through Novu

Hey guys, a client asks us to push their notifications on an AWS SQS queue. We'd like to use Novu for that for multiple reasons (notification unicity, reuse of all our existing notification templates, etc...). What would be required for this integration to be possible ? Thank you !...

Use novu on edge`

I'm trying to tigger notification from vercel adge worker and I'm getting an error that xhr adapter is not available and I can only use http (fetch) ``` [AxiosError: There is no suitable adapter to dispatch the request since : - adapter xhr is not supported by the environment...

Custom Notification Items and Conditional Rendering

I was working on in-app notification and I have two types of notifications one in which no action is to be performed and in other I want to create a custom item with two buttons like "Accept" and "Cancel" and perform actions accordingly. How can I achieve this? I explored the doc but unable to find a way...

I have two applications that require email sending functionality via Mailgun, using separate domains

I have two applications that require email sending functionality via Mailgun, using separate domains for each. To accommodate this, I have set up two Mailgun integration services within the same Novu instance (novu 23.0.0). My question is: How can I utilize both of these integration services simultaneously to send emails from their respective domains?

JSON Structure for creating workflows

Are there any specifications or rules for representing a workflow as a JSON? I would like to dynamically create a workflow through the Novu API (POST /v1/workflows ) based on user choices. The docs are not entirely clear about how to setup a JSON that represents a workflow.

What is notification group and notificationGroupId?

I am looking at the create workflow API and it requires notificationGroupId. I can't seem to find anywhere on the Novu site talking about Notification Group. Can someone provide me more information please?

Any in-depth architecture documentation of Novu

I would like to understand more about Novu architecture/component. Where can I get more information on it? I already visited the Architecture in the documentation website, but i would like more details please. Thank you!

AWS SNS Specify Phone Number

How does one go about letting Novu know which phone number to use to send a text via the SNS integration? Wasn't sure if this needed to be done via Novu or via IAM in AWS.

Roadmap for getting subscriptions by subscriber?

Hi there, we're anxiously waiting for the api to support getting a list of subscriptions by subscriber. Can someone share where that is on your roadmap?

Cancelling Delayed Jobs Edge Case

Hi Novu team! We have this problem where if we make a delayed broadcast to many users, say, an announcement of some upcoming event made by an admin. Let's say as soon as the admin hit the "send" button, they realize immediately that the sent announcement has wrong details. We have implemented a button that when pressed, triggers the cancel triggered event endpoint ( While that works most of the time, sometimes it doesn't. We have a lot of users on staging; currently, it takes around 1 minute for all jobs to be chunked and added to the subscriber process queue. If I try cancelling the triggered event within this one minute window, some jobs won't be cancelled because they don't yet exist at the point cancel-triggered-event is called (basically in the middle of this method

Make QUEUE_CHUNK_SIZE configurable via env var? Is there any specific reason why queue chunk size was hard coded to 100? We are fiddling around with various settings to tune the performance of our infra and came across this value. Can the size of the queue chunk can have a significant impact on the throughput of the total broadcast time if we had a lot of subscribers?...

No Notification When Running Novu from Source

Hi! When trying to run novu from source, I was not able to see any websocket notification. Not sure why. When everything was running from docker images, the notification got sent to my frontend app just fine. I have made sure that all the ports are correct and that there are no errors in the console. The frontend app was able to fetch data from novu backend, but when I make new notifications, the ws connection remained silent; nothing happened (needed to refresh to see new data in my new feed)...

which Mac book to buy?

Hi, Please suggest which Mac book is good. I am planning to buy on black Friday sale....

Separating out different types of subscribers

I am hoping for some advice on how best to configure Novu. I have an application with two different user groups of subscribers: employers and workers. How best you split these subscribers? By organisation, by tenant, not at or something else? Each user type does have different notification types and in practice they are reported differently—so I am not needing to aggregate against each other. My initial thought is that they each have their own sets of workflows and these are then further separated by organisation which additionally allows me to only expose workflows and feeds to each of the user groups. I don't really understand the tenant use case and whether this would be better. Thanks for advice in advance....

Novu Hosted service general avaibility

Hello, Team, First of all thanks for build a great solution, We are building one product and we wanted to use novu as our notification service. When we want to the page it show open for beta only. So when will be plan for general avaibility and is there any prefer location/region once it's become GA?...