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Indexes not created on documentdb when running novu

Hey guys, im running novu locally with the local docker-compose, connected in a AWS document db instance. I noticed that no indexes were created in my collections, just the id index. Do i need to run something to create them correctly?

Dev studio doesn't detect a local https endpoint

To keep my dev environment as close as possible to prod, I use https locally. That's particularly useful when working with sessions and cors settings. Dev studio doesn't detect the endpoint when I have https on, even though I can query it through the browser. ...

Is there a way to create a subscriber from the headless service?

We're trying to setup push notifications but apparently they need a device token. However I couldn't find a way to set this information in the headless service, it receives only a subscriber id as a parameter and nothing else related to the subscriber itself

API UnsetCredentials (FCMToken)

I am using FCM to send push notifications, and I am trying to unset the credentials of the subscriber's FCM token. However, I am encountering the following error: ```json data: { message: 'Subscribers environment (664adb5ab9e7a05865b92156) do not have active firebase-cloud-messaging-692i3c49r integration.', error: 'Bad Request',...
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Issue with importing serve function

I'm trying to follow this guide: and this is broken: import { EchoRequestHandler, ServeHandlerOptions } from '@novu/echo'; ...

Assistance Needed for Checking Undefined or Empty Subscriber Data Field in Novu

I am currently working on setting up a condition in Novu to check if a specific field (data) in the subscriber object is either empty or not defined. I have attempted to use the IS_DEFINED operator with is_negated to check for the absence of the field, but it did not work as expected. is there any way to achieve this?

feed id

how i get feedid from notification in novu headless?

Novu Deployment of Kubernetes

Hi everyone, I'm new on Novu Community, I want to setup Novu in kubernetes environment using AWS EKS, I couldn't find any official Novu documentation about Novu Deployment on k8s, further I see on Novu site that we can't deploy novu web container on k8. is there anyone who have deployed Novu on k8 and running more than one pods of api, worker and ws services of Novu?

How do i get socket url from Novu?

I'm currently working on integrating Novu for in-app notifications Socket connection and I'm a bit stuck. I need to get the in-app socket URL and also create it properly. Could anyone guide me through the process of obtaining the Novu in-app socket URL and creating it?

Is it possible to setup a schedule with echo?

I have a digest setup to send weekly emails ```ts const digestResult = await step.digest("weekly", async () => { return { amount: 1,...
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arm64 docker images

I can't seem to find arm64 compatible images hosted here:

headless pagination

can we get all notifications without pagination with novu headless?

Ability to skip notifying some of Chat providers on event trigger.

If user have set multiple chat providers credentials I would love to be able to omit notifying some of slack/discord etc on the event trigger. Now it is only possible to omit the whole Chat section but not within its types.

Is there any size limit on subscriber data?

is there any specified size limit on subscriber data

Slack integration misunderstanding

Hi, I would like to notify subscribers to their own slack webhooks. Why do I need to set a provider to my own slack app (the provider needs all the client ids etc) when the users credentials will contain different slack urls to their own slack app and mine will therefore never be used? I would expect it to behave like Discord provider where no credentials at the provider set up are not needes and all is done by setting the subscribers own slack url.

How to send a weekly email with notifications using echo?

The following seems to only show the last notification and not all of the digested. How can I display all of them in the email? ```ts import { Echo } from "@novu/echo"; import { Body, Container, Head, Html, Tailwind, render } from "@react-email/components";...

Differentiate tokens

Hello! Can you explain, please how we can differentiate between iOS, android and browser push tokens because we should use this information in our BE side. Thank you in advance for answer ☺️

Can we manage more granular level preferences?

use case - i created a workflow to send notification when every users mention on comment. so in that case user can manage their preferences. but if user want to opt out from particular thread. not from whole comment notifications. Is there any way to achive this?...

email attachment SDK documentation

Where can I find detailed docs on how to use email attachments via the API or SDK? I found a brief example here using Node. But I need more.

Having multiple errors during building the code

Failed to create bin: There seems to be an issue with creating the bin directory for novu-studio. This could be due to permissions or other environmental issues. You might want to check the directory permissions and ensure that the necessary folders can be created. Failed to install bcrypt: The installation of the bcrypt package failed due to an error during the build process. This could be related to the version of Node.js being used or other dependencies. Here are a few steps you could take to troubleshoot this: Check Node.js version compatibility with the bcrypt package. You might need to upgrade or downgrade Node.js to a version that is compatible with bcrypt version 5.0.1....