OpenSSL Errors and Node

Hello everyone! Happy holidays! We are near the new year, which means, its a perfect time for upstream breaking changes! Both mainline Alphine/Ubuntu have switched to OpenSSL 3, this means that your older Node projects (16 and below) might have issues. (Especially with Webpack and older versions of Prisma.) Fret not, there is a fix. Troubleshooting 1. Enable the legacy Debian image You can set an env var in Railway with NIXPACKS_DEBIAN set to 1. This will make sure that OpenSSL 1.1 will be installed. 2. Enable OpenSSL 1.1 for Node. You can set this with setting an Env Var NODE_OPTIONS to --openssl-legacy-provider You may need to check and pin some npm packages to certain versions, but know its not just you, a lot of builds have been messed by this change in mainline linux. Happy Hacking and we will try our best to help you through this time. 🙂
ZSZev Stravitz1/3/2023
Hi, I followed both of these steps after getting an error telling me that there was a problem with my OpenSSL installation, but now getting the following error in my build logs
node: --openssl-legacy-provider is not allowed in NODE_OPTIONS
node: --openssl-legacy-provider is not allowed in NODE_OPTIONS
Any ideas how to resolve? projectid=2828ece4-cb37-4508-a26f-9151da655b7d
Please create a help post, this post is an announcement. Not a place to post your questions

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