How to use a new MySQL user for database connections?

NLNathan Lively5/20/2023
I have created a new database in MySQL using Workbench and a new user for that database using the Railway CLI. After deployment, I'm getting an Access denied error. Why can't this user connect?
Project ID: 525a439a-8964-45cd-b169-b621d0c1fe25
NLNathan Lively5/20/2023
I've seen a lot of issues when users don't use the default railway database along with the provided credentials, the databases on railway aren't the best they could be, so please stick with the railway named database and just the provided credentials for the best experience
NLNathan Lively5/20/2023
hmmm, ok. So it's not recommended to create users and grant them specific privileges like you would do on another virtual machine? I'm not sure how to dump all of my tables without the schema. I'll look into that. As far as I can tell, there's no way to just copy tables from one schema to another.

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