Railway13mo ago

503/Cors error deploying PERN App for first time

I'm having both a CORS error and 503 in my sign-in request from client to server, both hosted on Railway, when I test my app that I just deployed. I am using the CORS extension in Express and have added both the default domain and my custom domain for the client. I have my client pointing at my server using an environment variable. I can't figure out what's causing the issue. Project ID: 3bf7a56e-38fc-403a-92fa-0dcccfe80e97
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Percy13mo ago
Project ID: 3bf7a56e-38fc-403a-92fa-0dcccfe80e97
pawtang13mo ago
Ah I fooled myself, I thought the server was ok since the build worked and client was up. This looks promising. Thanks
Brody13mo ago
you're welcome!