django warnings by email, error 500

Why am I receiving warnings in my email from DJANGO that they are trying to connect to my application using an invalid IP in ALLOWED_HOSTS? It's not always, but today it happened 3 times at different times, and by the time I wasn't even at home. I think the '' is from the railway because I saw it on https://docs.railway.app/troubleshoot/fixing-common-errors saying that the railway uses host, right? but what about the other IP? This error must be appearing because I configured in allowed_hosts only the URL of my application's railway, but it shouldn't appear, right? Since no one accesses by IP normally, do you know what is happening? [Django] ERROR (EXTERNAL IP): Invalid HTTP_HOST header: ''. You may need to add '' to ALLOWED_HOSTS. and [Django] ERROR (EXTERNAL IP): Invalid HTTP_HOST header: ''. You may need to add '' to ALLOWED_HOSTS.
Railway Docs
Fixing Common Errors | Railway Docs
Documentation for Railway
Project ID: 6e77dedf-b4e0-4a31-9bcd-5ba603e0016a
likely just bots or crawlers you can ignore that
Thanks 😄

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