Im facing error please help while deploying

KAKhalid Ahmed5/26/2023
context: 75d7645dc46f8909d7e9b5b5b8bb166f Nixpacks build failed Nixpacks was unable to generate a build plan for this app. Please check the documentation for supported languages: https://nixpacks.com The contents of the app directory are: railway.yml Procfile pip.txt README.md code.py py_bot.session
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could you share your repo please?
KAKhalid Ahmed5/26/2023
GitHub - khalidahmed1101/telegram-user-verify at master
bot to verify telegram users. Contribute to khalidahmed1101/telegram-user-verify development by creating an account on GitHub.
KAKhalid Ahmed5/26/2023
Please help me
sorry, but by using Telethon you are breaking railways's tos, as you are trying to run a userbot https://railway.app/legal/fair-use this is because Telethon logs in with a user account, therefore its a userbot. instead you want to use this allowed package as it does not log in as a user, instead it uses the http telegram bot api with just a single bot token https://python-telegram-bot.org/
Once you’ve complied with this, we’d be happy to help you get your code up and running. @Khalid Ahmed

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