Is there an easy way to pause a project?

Hello, we have a secondary development environment that we need for testing every once in a while. Is there a way to stop/start it, so that we only pay for it when we are using it? I don't want to delete it, as setup takes a fair amount of work. Thank you.
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Percy10mo ago
Project ID: 244241f6-a9c9-4c93-9394-af0fb8245769
jaytonbye10mo ago
244241f6-a9c9-4c93-9394-af0fb8245769 Would taking down the client/server deployments do the trick?
mykal10mo ago
Would also be interested to know if there's plans for this? I know that you can just take down the deployments, but I don't know if there's always an easy way to trigger a deployment without an active deployment in place.
Brody10mo ago
that's currently the only way, remove the active deployment but yes there is a scale-to-zero feature in the works
Adam10mo ago
@mykalcodes as well ^