region is only exclusive for pro plan?

i'm planning to subscribe to hobby plan because it's more fit for me but my only concern is that i can't specify region for my node js app such as Europe.

is there any information for this?
Regions have not been made available as of yet. We have no information at this time on how they will be made available
yeah that's why i want to know from the team if it will be available for hobby plan or only pro plan ?
When the feature is made available, the team will provide all the details about that and how it will all work. Last update on this was that they will be available on Friday. But there is always a possibility that could change
it will be provided for both hobby and pro
99% on that
too many hobby plan people are asking for it for the team to lock it behind a paywall
We're leaning towards Pro only for these reasons:
- Requiring workloads in other regions has mostly been a compliance ask for regulatory reasons (e.g. GDPR in EU)
- Most of the "currently on hobby" folks we've spoken with would upgrade without a second thought for regions
- It doesn't benefit hobby much from our perspective
- ^ plus requiring multi-regions for workloads on hobby kinda goes against "this is a hobby project"
Makes perfect sense! Thanks Ray
Understood, thanks Ray
@Brody ^ fyi
ay thanks for the tag, I totally missed this
sounds good too!
agree x4
Whats with latency reasons? Don't get me wrong, railways pricing is awesome and more then fair (I even still get the 5 dollar subscription fee waived off each month ❤️ ), but paying 20 dollars a month just to be able to run my app in europe I don't know.. I don't need more ram/vcpu or anything else (and the 20 dollars are imho still more then fair for what you get if you need it) but almost all of my users will be in europe. If I get you right my only option will be to upgrade to pro if I want to run a service in europe-region right?
Currently, regions are a very new (unreleased) feature on Railway and have been in development for multiple years. Because of this, they have been very expensive and the team has made the decision to lock them behind a paywall for now
This will be revisited in the future
I fully understand that and I can also understand that we don't get this "for free" (what I'm not asking for), my concern is the difference (from a "hobby" perspective):
- I'm not even near the ressource maxs per container/service which come with hobby
- I don't need private networks, horizontal scalling or email-support at all
- The only thing that would be nice would be to select the region (I don't even need multiple regions) where to run my service. Paying 15 Dollars a month for that only (with single to none benefit in my case from the other features that come with pro) is imho a huge price difference.

I would love to have the option to select regions as a (for example) "plugin" and paying an additional X Dollars a month while staying on hobby. But of course you're right, regions aren't yet published and all the reasons outlined here are imho right. Lets see where things will go and perhaps this will be changing at some point 🙂
but as I see @Angelo (:P) was typing at the same time: I really don't want to be misunderstood here, the deal offered by railway is still unbeatable. Fallen in love with you :railway: -folks 🥰
Hey @saintcore. - heard. Although we are reticent to start carving out this as a opt-in (and other platforms regionalize the compute cost) due to confusion we figured for demand/offering reasons we tier the offering.

Most of the users asking for this are companies, not hobby users. The data tells us that users are okay with the latency as long as they get a smooth build/deploy exp. We will continue to make features that are essentiall to the build # deploy experience accessible to all. Regions in our opinion, essential to have a good end user experience don't change how one handles deploys. (And the day we built it means you ideally shouldn't)

So we will, for now:

1) Gate the feature at the top end
2) Keep on gathering feedback what should be paid and not paid

Just like volumes where we had different tiers for use-cases, we think networking and regions fit different patterns. You understandably may not need priv-nets but ironically, I think that is a Hobby level offering as service to service communication is needed for docker-compose and is a base level primitative, latency isn't (open to being wrong here)
There's a whole other conversation about hard gates and soft gates and we are hard at work letting people try Pro features to validate that they work without needing to upgrade immediately but fair warning, I will be in your inbox for the upsell.
@rayofbytes One benefit of staying on the hobby plan is cost limits. There is no way (in the platform) to limit CPU and memory usage outside of the plan.

That said, regions are needed for our intended purposes but currently have no need for a "team" plan (we intend to integrate limited features and workflows via API and scripts).
I think it makes sense to be paywalled, but probably you might want to consider adding some usage to the Pro plan?
a nearest competitor is fly.io
the Pro plan is comparable to the Launch plan
also, from what I know about regions, it doesn't yet include a load balancer across regions? Which is an additional cost on Cloudflare 😦
I've heard Angelo say they'd like to do the load balancing across multiple regions thing at some point, and Ray has even said the feature wouldn't be available right away, so... soon ™️
I think railway has the nicest DX out there, and pricing is excellent. But you've already got that... now comes the challenge of building something truly incredible. I imagine regions is a start to that...
i'de love if Railway could talk more about their longer term, bigger picture thinking behind the platform too
Sounds like we need a community call
get your pr voice warmed up! 🤣
"stuff sucks, we know"
"...but look at this changelog"
nah im happy, reference variables are fixed now
I'de love to listen in, you're doing awesome!
the team*
This platform is terrible! Can’t stand how there are new feature updates each week! Gah! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hey, sorry for bumping old threads, but since regions shipped, what is the final decision? Are regions going to be pro-only, or eventually be available in hobby? I am EU developer and mostly want only EU instance for most of my pet projects, but 25$ is just too much for my "hobby" projects
At this time, regions will only be available to pro users

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