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Created by 8v. on 9/6/2023 in #✋|help
region is only exclusive for pro plan?
i'm planning to subscribe to hobby plan because it's more fit for me but my only concern is that i can't specify region for my node js app such as Europe. is there any information for this?
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Created by 8v. on 6/2/2023 in #questions
The Edge - what's the point
so as far as i know the edge move a server close as possible to your user right? but then what's the point of the edge if the database is server located in one region which is depend one the user if the request gonna be fast or slower right? i see the edge fit for applications where there's no database maybe? i'm new to all of these so if you can explain when should i use the edge or i'm missing something with all of that
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TTCTheo's Typesafe Cult
Created by 8v. on 12/2/2022 in #questions
useQuery with useState
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