Seeing failures in deploying saying container shut down, but cannot find the container logs.

Need help figuring out how to debug this issue with deploying to prod. From my end I don't think the container should be failing like that, but can't figure out where the logs are.

Here is the link to the deploy: https://railway.app/project/dfb66ac0-d8a1-48a6-b9d2-5941065b6a8a/service/2c9e540d-f74a-4320-a62e-8c2ae0d1137e?id=01fefde6-1a8d-4be4-ba41-6d8f17b9404b
Hmm the error I keep seeing is Error response from daemon: manifest for registry.rlwy.net/2c9e540d-f74a-4320-a62e-8c2ae0d1137e:01fefde6-1a8d-4be4-ba41-6d8f17b9404b not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown which seems to be a problem a few other folks are having. Aditionally from looking at the docs provided it doesn't really explain how to look at the registry to see why the container failed to build
From the end of the Build Logs:
The push refers to repository [registry.rlwy.net/2c9e540d-f74a-4320-a62e-8c2ae0d1137e]


Publish time: 0.02 seconds



Container failed to start



Error response from daemon: manifest for registry.rlwy.net/2c9e540d-f74a-4320-a62e-8c2ae0d1137e:01fefde6-1a8d-4be4-ba41-6d8f17b9404b not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown
will bring this up to the team
thank you Brody!
We're seeing the same error on our deployment.
Fixed now for me

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