Created by aaron on 10/13/2023 in #✋|help
Docker image builds but stalls on deploy with no error
Previous attempts to build would go on for over 10 minutes after the container was built and then eventually time out. Now the container shows as built but the deployment status just says Waiting In both cases, no logs are displayed in Deploy Logs, Only the message:
No deployment logs. All output sent to stdout will be displayed here
Project ID: 855986b0-ece5-4720-97b2-572a841362de
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Created by aaron on 9/7/2023 in #✋|help
Is it possible to set permissions on volumes?
Dockerfile is using user id of 1000,and the WORKDIR which they own is /app. A Volume is mounted at /media The application gets permission denied when trying to write to /media. Is there any way to set do 1000:1000 -R on the volume to match the Dockerfile user? Or can you suggest an alternative workaround?
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