Railway10mo ago

Publishing .net 7 app - project file not found

Hi, I'm new in railway and i'm faced with file structure problem. I heared that way to publish is set solution option "Place solution and project in the same directory", but my project which i decide to migrate to railway is quite diversified file structure and copying all to same directory now will be little insane for solution. Is there any workaround of this problem? Some configuration file where i can set a paths? or something?
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Percy10mo ago
Project ID: 3e36bf3e-79ea-449f-8353-5d9fd2ad432e
Draq10mo ago
Project ID: 3e36bf3e-79ea-449f-8353-5d9fd2ad432e
josh10mo ago
are they all required for the project to work? when i made my dockerfile i just declared whatever folders i needed as volumes and it seemed to work
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