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Question regarding learning.. stuff.

Might be weirdge for some, but I've never really understood the perception and grasping of learning... I think it's because I always get caught up in HOW I should be learning and widen my knowledge. It's a stubborn cycle of this shit every time I genuinely want to learn, or get better at something... the fuck do I do? If I had to guess based on thoughts after- well, since I started noticing it... I think it's because I'm impatient whenever I want to genuinely want to learn/improve, rather than when I instinctively do something because it is fun. Please share some "life hacks" or whatever the fuck, this is the kind of shit I'd want a therapist for, because I just can't seem to figure it out myself... Instead I'm asking a coding server.. ANYWAYS, thanks. note: sry for the profanity sad
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Angius8mo ago
Make things Say "I want to make a hangman game in the console" And start making it. Google your way around, ask here, on r/learncsharp, on Stack Overflow, etc You'll get stuck, then unstuck If it's too hard, drop it, pick up some other project Then come back to it after some time Or start from scatch Also,
this is the kind of shit I'd want a therapist for
If you feel you need to see a therapist, then it's probably a good idea to see one. Do it, they can help you.
Gilletteguy8mo ago
Thank you Damn, mr. brain can be a big shit head sometimes, I'm going to push through the confusion and just, do it. I'll set goals for myself when I want to experience success, because I know I can pull through no matter what ez clap, thanks
ZacharyPatten8mo ago
just another note: you will never stop learning as a software developer. - New frameworks, patterns, and practices are always going in-and-out of fashion. - Computer science is too broad of a field for anyone to be an expert at everything. You may be an amazing game designer in Unity but you probably don't know shit about E-Commerce for example. - Every code base is different and has it's own technical debt. It is very rare for new hires to be able to jump into and contribute to established projects. You always have to learn the nuances of any project you join first. By all of this I'm just trying to make you aware that figuring out your learning process is a huge part of being a developer, since you will never stop learning. Try to find different methods that work for you. Like, imagine you get a new job. How would you jump into your new project? - jump right into the source code and start reviewing it? - ask your coworkers for assistance/training? - check the documentation on the project (assuming there is documentation)? - once you have a basic understanding of the purpose of the project, would you start by searching for relevant online resources and so then you have a baseline of modern standards so that when you jump into the code you an see if it is up to par with that standard? - etc.
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