Created by Gilletteguy on 11/21/2023 in #help
Question regarding learning.. stuff.
Might be weirdge for some, but I've never really understood the perception and grasping of learning... I think it's because I always get caught up in HOW I should be learning and widen my knowledge. It's a stubborn cycle of this shit every time I genuinely want to learn, or get better at something... the fuck do I do? If I had to guess based on thoughts after- well, since I started noticing it... I think it's because I'm impatient whenever I want to genuinely want to learn/improve, rather than when I instinctively do something because it is fun. Please share some "life hacks" or whatever the fuck, this is the kind of shit I'd want a therapist for, because I just can't seem to figure it out myself... Instead I'm asking a coding server.. ANYWAYS, thanks. note: sry for the profanity sad
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