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✅ Console FPS Player Direction
I am making a math error in the following code:
NOTE: this is a fork/reimplementation of:
The code is mostly working, however, something is off and I haven't quite spotted it yet. When you hold the 'A' key, you are supposed to be turning left, however, the player icon in the minimap (< ^ > v) are rotating clockwise instead of counterclockwise (inversed). The same is true for holding the 'D' key as the icons rotate clockwise instead of counterclockwise. However the direction in the minimap appears to be accurate because the 'W' key always moves you in the direction you are facing. I'm wondering if this was a bug in the original code or something I added when I translated it from C++ to C#. 🤔 The original code just had a "P" in the minimap (not < ^ > v) for the player; it did not include player direction in the minimap.
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❔ ✅ blazor.webassembly.js 404 with GitHub Pages
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❔ MS SQL Reporting Server URL Being Redirected
We have an application from a vendor that was written in C# and we recently upgraded the MS SQL database that the application was using. However after that upgrade one component of the application failed. It is using MS SQL reporting services, and what appears to be happening is that the app is configured to access the web service URL of the reporting services, but it is being redirected to the user friendly URL rather than the web service URL. For example the app is accessing the http://OURSERVER/ReportServer URL, but it is being redirected to http://OURSERVER/Reports. Does anyone know how to prevent that from being redirected in MS SQL Reporting Services or ran into a similar issue? I would share the code behind it if I could, but as mentioned it is from a vendor so I don't have the source code. 😦
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Track gitignored Changes
I work on a software where the base product is an off the shelf vendor product and we have added customizations on top of it. Our git repository only includes the customizations we have made, not the base files for the base install which is all ignored in a .gitignore. It works great... However, our security team keeps running crap that deletes files off our local machines killing our local environments. What is the best way to track all the changes in our local environments that are ignored by the repo so we can tell when and what security changed on us (so we can bitch at them)?
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Ignore This... Sorry Testing [Answered]
I'm testing some features by opening a new post
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