dh stops working after going to nether. issue persists even when returning to overworld.

as the title says. dh LODs stop loading. the game starts stuttering when this issue starts until it eventually crashes. i am using iris and bliss and 100+ mods
ok I found your issue: you're using 100+ mods XD ok in all seriousness that is probably causing the issue, but there are things you can do
Try a binary search and figure out which mod is causing it. So disable half of the mods, see if issue is still there, if yes disable half again etc etc until you find the mod that's causing the issue.
I would recommend you test with only these mods installed: distant horizons, sodium, fabric api and iris If the issue occurs with only these mods, then you can be absolutely sure it is not your mod collection causing the issue, and is actually just distant horizons by itself (But it is most likely the other mods)
i essentially combined fabulously optimized with better adventures+ and added essential, simple voice chat, dh, iris, TMFTF, and cave dweller most likely this honestly and i'm hoping someone would know the exact mod that is causing this but anyways i'll do this for now
it shouldn't take you too long to figure out, and this is one of the problems you'll run into when using beta versions of mods, like shader support for distant horizons. You might want to post your mod list in here, in case someone comes along later that knows more about mod compatibility, but for now the best you can do is try figuring it out yourself
i just realized i have duplicate mods but aight 💀 it's working now. idk what fixed it but i'll try to pinpoint what did. maybe this issue is just inconsistent and happens sometimes idk. it works now but takes a few seconds to start loading LODs after switching dimension i have no idea what fixed it. i returned everything back and it's still working lmao. well then i looks inconsistent i guess. sometimes it takes a whole minute to start generating LODs again and sometimes instantly and sometimes never until the game crashes. well then, i'll just ignore this issue
known issue with the current queuing system when you respawn or switch dimensions, a bunch of new work gets put into the queue old jobs are not dropped however eventually it gets stuck trying to reload LODs and never finishes loading manually rejoining the world whenever it gets stuck is a good workaround
oh aight thanks

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