my and my friends DH wont work

when we download the mod using curse forge and play it doesnt load chunks like in videos we see. We all have it downloaded and we have the DH setting in game but we dont have the extended render distance that we keep seeing. Shaders also doesnt work for us and we are using specific shaders that are compatibile with the mod does any1 know why?
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Yeshi4mo ago
Forge doesn't support shaders
Thicc Fork
Thicc Fork4mo ago
oh ok and what about the mod does that work with curse forge?
majo244mo ago
curseforge is just a minecraft launcher, it doesn't change anything
Thicc Fork
Thicc Fork4mo ago
oh ok ig dh aint for me
TheNewSky4mo ago
Oculus made a beta version that supports distant horizons with shaders but it’s only for 1.20.1 and has some weird issues. Works for the most part tho. Download is on their server. You need to wait for LODs to generate first, which will take a while. If you’re playing in a server they won’t be able to generate in the distance.