how do I make a train have an automatic whistle like real trains

I saw some videos or montage where there would be a whistle when the train is coming how do I do that? and is it possible in create mod or did they just add some sound effects?
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Ghyro3mo ago
If you are talking about a train announcing its arrival at a scheduled destination by sounding a whistle tone, that is a feature of the base mod. You can achieve this effect by assembling a train with a steam whistle on the contraption, then adding a driver and giving it a schedule. Any time the train pulls into a train station, it should fire a whistle signal. Do note that creates steam whistles can be pitched by adding more whistles to the whistle block, or by using a wrench on the bottom block of the whistle pillar. This pitch will be transferred to the assembled train, so you can have different trains with different sounds.