Quarter Zips vs Quarter Button-Ups

I know the general consensus around here is that quarter zips are a no go, but are quarter-button ups like the picture better/acceptable?
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kyn3mo ago
That one is tight (and maybe AIgen?) but henleys and popovers are a very different vibe than quarter zip sweaters fabric matters a ton but they’re definitely not as unpopular as zips and read more casual
jfarrell4683mo ago
That picture is so weird. Looks AI generated.
okaylama3mo ago
^ was gonna say that lol Also I'm not sure if the consensus is that quarter zips are an outright no-go. Acceptable/better in what way?
Spuck3mo ago
waffle knit henleys are a nice base layer
awburkey3mo ago
Henleys also stink as plain office wear imo
carrion3mo ago
maybe im too midwestern but henleys (waffleknit) are underwear can u make em work as a stand-alone layer? sure maybe but make sure you have swag
Nayyyyy3mo ago
Ai generated sexcore lol
Great band name