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Norwegian sweaters
Tell me what I need to know about Norwegian sweaters. Recommend brands and shops, styles and patterns, what to spend, and everything else. I am visiting Norway and am interested in shopping for sweaters and other warm things. Currently in Tromsø, heading to Bergen soon. We're skipping Oslo, but you're welcome to include recs there for posterity.
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Why should outerwear be darker?
I've seen it said that (usually, not always) outerwear should be darker than innerwear. Empirically, I've come to agree that this is true. For example, a navy blazer with a white shirt usually looks good, but a light-colored jacket over a dark shirt often does not. It's not just dressy clothes, either: An unbuttoned shirt over a plain tee is generally works better with a white tee and a colored shirt. Can anyone explain why this is? And, how and when can this "rule" be broken successfully?
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Which NB sneakers?
Visited the New Balance store today, and these were my favorites. 1906 or 993 MiUSA?
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Native Fashion Week
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Marks and Spencer
How is M&S quality? Are their £8 tees worth it?
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Colorful socks
I have become despondent upon realizing that I don't own any red socks. What does MFA recommend for colorful socks? I'm thinking solid colors (red, electric blue, yellow, lime green, purple, etc.) or maybe colorblock. Light weight (wear with loafers that are sized for thin socks). Cotton or wool are both fine, synthetic might be as well. Budget: $cheap-ish. They're socks. These are in the ballpark of what I'm looking for, and I might just pick them up: https://www.jcrew.com/p/mens/categories/accessories/socks/dress-sock/ribbed-dress-sock-in-stripe/BS578?color_name=navy-multi-rugby-stripe&colorProductCode=BS578 What are some other options?
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I'm interested in getting a pair of OG-107s, or something similar. Yes, please do laugh at me for walking back my dislike of olive green. Details I like: button fly, patch pockets, side cinch. I don't want cargo pants. Vintage is fine, but a lot of the listings I've seen on eBay look pretty beat up. Is there somewhere else I should look? How much should I expect to pay? I'd prefer 100% cotton, which seems to rule out the more recent OG-507s, but I might be persuaded if someone makes a case for them. Among modern reproductions, Bronson ($55, https://bronsonshop.com/products/non-stock-og-107-fatigue-utility-pants-baker-pants) looks pretty faithful, and inexpensive, but the sizing seems weird. Can anyone who owns them tell me what size you bought, and what your usual waist/inseam is? Other options I've come across: Stan Ray, $85. https://stanrayusa.com/products/og-loose-fatigue-olive-sateen. Looks pretty good, has a zipper fly. Lee, $100. https://www.lee.com/shop/mens-workwear-fatigue-pant-olive-grove-34-34-112343212%3A34%3A34.html. Looks more workwear than DoD. Alpha Industries, $125. https://www.alphaindustries.com/products/mbo52500c1-fatigue-pant?variant=40235850661943 Outerknown, $170, https://www.outerknown.com/products/the-utilitarian-pant-olive-drab. Looks a bit meh. orSlow, $300. https://www.endclothing.com/us/orslow-us-army-fatigue-pant-01-5002-16.html Fatigues from other countries (Sweden, Austria, etc.), https://universal-surplus.com/collections/pants-fatigue. I know nothing about how these compare to the good old USofA
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Why are ties so expensive?
I don't mean this as a gripe about clothing costing money. I've been genuinely curious for awhile. Using J. Crew as an example, a long-sleeve shirt is $90 full price, and ties are typically $60. So the shirt costs 50% more, but I would think it requires far more than 50% more labor. Similarly for materials: silk may be more expensive per square foot than cotton, but there is very little material in a necktie. Am I missing something about the cost to make a tie? Do companies just inflate the price of accessories, because they have found people are willing to pay?
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How to buy these shoes from Japan?
How do I buy these: https://www.beams.co.jp/en/item/beams/shoes/11313854424/?color=79 I've never done it before, but as I understand it I pay a proxy to buy it on my behalf and ship it to me? How much is the typical proxy fee and shipping charges for the US?
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Parsing Ralph Lauren shirt labels
I have become acquainted with the various fits of RL button-up shirts. From big to small: Yarmouth, Classic, Custom, Slim. Usually this is indicated on the label, like so: https://www.ebay.com/itm/166594540684 What should I infer when it isn't? This listing title says "classic fit", but the label just says "100% cotton": https://www.ebay.com/itm/226004629301 What sayeth the experts of MFA?
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Sleeves too long
No description
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Rancourt Spring 2024 sale
What are your favorites and recommendations from https://www.rancourtandcompany.com/collections/spring-summer-2024-pre-sale. I am drawn to the pinch penny mocs in brown cxl and the beefrolls in natural cxl.
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Todd Snyder shirts
What is MFA's opinion of Todd Snyder button up shirts? Noticed some eBay listings with separate sleeve and collar sizes, and they seem fairly casual, which is not always an easy combo to find. For example, https://www.ebay.com/itm/225983670001
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Mildew smell
Got some eBay jeans with a mildew smell. Any tips for getting it out? I've seen vinegar suggested, as well as sunshine, which is not available right now. Might try washing in hot water, just this once.
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Rancourt derbies
Any tips or advice on ordering from Rancourt, particularly regarding sizing? Got my eyes on these black derbies: https://www.rancourtandcompany.com/products/camden-derby-black-chromexcel . I used their sizing guide and game up with 9D or E. The E was a bit surprising, since I don’t think my feet are particularly wide. Size 9 seems on the money given my Brannock size is about 9.5. They recommend going wide for shoes built on this last. Any thoughts on that? I’ve heard chromexcel is stretchy. True?
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Los Angeles
We are going to be in Los Angeles over the holidays. Where should we go shopping? (We used to live in LA, but that was before I was interested in clothes and fashion.)
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Anyone know anything about this brand? Found an eBay listing for an overcoat, and trying to figure out if it's worth acting on. From searching, it seems to be a Japanese menswear brand that sells some of their own stuff, plus some quality US brands.
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Hills I was prepared to die on
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Wool shirts (woven button-up, not knit)
What does MFA recommend for wool shirts? I'm not talking about heavy overshirts, but more like regular weight button-up shirts, made from wool instead of cotton. I know of Pendleton. How is their quality? Any other brands to look at? Is this a good thing to look for second-hand / vintage?
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Unstructured jacket
I'm looking for recommendations for a casual, unstructured blazer. I'm not necessarily looking for particular items, although that would be interesting, at, say <$500. I'm really more interested in advice on what to look for as far as colors, materials, sizing, fit, etc. I'm looking for something I can wear with (raw, dark) jeans and a button-up shirt, maybe an OCBD. Maybe something I can dress up a bit (with chinos or a knit tie), but not sure. I'm aware of this, which is on the casual end, but I'm hoping to try on next time I'm in Paris: https://www.vetra.fr/en/french-workwear-dungaree-mens-jackets/2555-workwear-organic-cotton-twill-blazer.html#/5-size-48/31-colour-navy I also tried on a couple of blazers by Boglioli that I liked, but I'm not willing to spend $1500 right now. I have a couple of tweed blazers (on the way or being altered, haven't been able to try them out yet) that might fit the bill, so I'm probably more interested in something lighter-weight: cotton, linen, seersucker, even silk.
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