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Anyone have thought on Code Signing for .Net Desktop application

Anyone have thought on Code Signing.
We have .Net Desktop application and we have been signing the exe and installer with Sectigo Cert but it is now expiring and seeing if we need to change anything around. Looks like we now have to have a hardware token.
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leowest2mo ago
Trusted Signing is in Public Preview
The Trusted Signing service (formerly Azure Code Signing) is a Microsoft fully managed end-to-end signing solution for developers. Figure 1: Creating a Trusted..
Petris2mo ago
certum's pretty nice too afaik https://shop.certum.eu/code-signing.html?product_list_order=name&undefined= but yeah, afaik you now need either a hardware key or cloud signing like certum and ms do
ndeshama2mo ago
Looking into the MS version, which may be best for us???
reflectronic2mo ago
yeah, it just entered public preview today it’s going to be much much cheaper than anything else and more convenient to integrate into your build system
Petris2mo ago
well certum OSS seems to be cheaper but normal is more expensive