Oceans have a grid and gaps with terrain gen mods

I'm not sure if there's just a setting I need to change, or if it's a bug, but oceans in LOD chunks have a sort of "light-grid" to them, and farther away they have gaps in between chunks. The gaps only seem to happen with the terrain generator mods I'm using, Terrralith and Tectonic, both together and with only one at a time, but the "light-grid" still remains even with only DH. Either way this only applies to oceans, normal chunks are fine. The pictures are on MC 1.20.1, Forge 47.2.0, with DH 2.0.1-a-1.20.1 and Terralith 1.20.4_v2.4.11 . Figured I'd just make a help me post first unless it turns out to be a bug.
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Yeshi2mo ago
known bug with 2.0.1 try the DH nightly from #links-n-downloads and delete your current LOD data /lodstored
YAGPDB.xyz2mo ago
Single Player: - Overworld: .minecraft/saves/WORLD_NAME/data/DistantHorizons.sqlite - Nether: .minecraft/saves/WORLD_NAME/DIM-1/data/DistantHorizons.sqlite - End: .minecraft/saves/WORLD_NAME/DIM1/data/DistantHorizons.sqlite - Custom Dimensions: .minecraft/saves/WORLD_NAME/DIMENSION_FOLDER/data/DistantHorizons.sqlite Multiplayer: - .minecraft/Distant_Horizons_server_data/SERVER_NAME/
TheDekazoid2mo ago
Cool, didn't see it listed anywhere (likely I just missed it) but I will try that, thanks for the quick reply! Works swimmingly (heh), thanks again!
Yeshi2mo ago
no problem 🙂