go-to summer shorts

Hi friends, i need advice for shorts for the summer! I’m a fan of 3-5 inch inseam shorts and need a pair that can last me awhile, and i can wear in any setting! I’ll take any and all recommendations, preferably <$70 range!
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ronankff2mo ago
Surely Patagonia Baggies are the answer here
J2mo ago
100% Patagonia Baggies! i have 3 pairs that i live in during the summer. Ive also heard good things about Lululemon’s short inseam athletic shorts but i dont own any
zeometer2mo ago
patagonia stand up shorts is a common rec, i don't think they make 5" inseam anymore but you can either go secondhand or cut down a 7" pair to size
Zac2mo ago
Thank you friends! I just looked and Patagonia has 50% off their 5inch coral, yellow and red baggies for XL incase anybody was wondering Any recommendations for flat front/dress-ey shorts? Wait nvm i see a guide in fashion-guides!
awburkey2mo ago
Lots of places sell flat-front chino shorts like j crew and uniqlo probably. I personally prefer pleats tho