The rise of chore coats in as uniforms in restaurants

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Spuck2mo ago
Thats crazy, I don't think I've ever seen a waiter wearing a chore coat But it makes sense as a garment
okaylama2mo ago
Same, but it totally makes sense I find it interesting that there's an emily bode quote in the article; seems like bode created custom chore coats for a NYC restaurant
Spuck2mo ago
I'm gonna lose my mind when this filters down and I go to a restaurant to find the waiters wearing the same coat as me
algoresky2mo ago
one again eg ahead of the curve by making chorejackets/aprons for ippudo circa 2014
Exclusive Engineered Garments for Ippudo Japanese Ramen Brasserie
Combining the best of both worlds of Japanese garments and Japanese food results in the crew at
okaylama2mo ago
damn eg keeps going up and up in my mind as a brand
peanut gregorio
peanut gregorio2mo ago
nothing made me feel more like one of the herd than wearing a blue chore coat to a natural wine trade show last fall. not surprised it's filtering down to restaurants. nor am i complaining. fingers crossed it doesn't go the way of the 2010's leather apron tho
thumb yorke
thumb yorke2mo ago
I’ve had this experience. Ate at a “trendy” restaurant with servers and bartenders in (mostly) classic blue chore coats similar to mine and had a moment when I was walking through the restaurant and someone else assumed I worked there. It’s only a matter of time before it infects every half-decent spot near you
Yakkeks2mo ago
Well. Guess we have to start wearing tailcoats to restaurants now lol
Echo-Ecco.ExE2mo ago
Even though I’m in education I’d love a chore jacket for its practicality so I don’t need to bring a bag to work on Fridays Also, I did once have an slightly awkward situation where someone thought I worked at the nearby Starbucks because I had a black Muji T-shirt and Unique relaxed linen pants in olive green